Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Time for some tricks and treats, what shall it be? Personally I like tricks over treats, candy rots your teeth, but then tricks can be expensive too... Just Kidding. I don't have to pay for it.

I saw a neat post over at Lust Bites the other day about Vamps ect... Was a great post. I had written a comment but it was lost in cyberspace when I lost my Internet connection, so out of frustration I didn't go back, but decided to post a few pix on Halloween from my Vampy, Goth, Emo years (my kids still call me an Emo). I actually went through several years with that look, from 18 to 21, that's pretty long. Now I am a redhead and have been for ages. But the Vampy look was all about speaking out for me. I came from a family which always frowned at my outspoken appearance, I grew up with peers that disdained anyone not in the norm. Since I felt oppressed mostly by all of those people all of my life, when I hit 18 I no longer cared what anyone thought. I had been on my own for several years, I worked full time in a strip bar as a cocktail server, was my own woman and said fuck it. I liked the look, it suited me, it spoke out to those who wanted to contain me and restrain me. It basically said FUCK YOU and I looked hot in it. I admit I am a much better red head now that I look back, but it sure was fun. I had always been a rocker and I loved Joan Jet. She was an icon then and to me she was everything I wanted to be. She was hot, she was outspoken, she dressed what ever way she wanted, she began some fads even. I also admired Kate Bush, she was another Vampy freak who I thought was another outspoken woman. Being an undiagnosed bipolar youth I never understood my own differences and had a hard time embracing myself, I disapproved of myself as much as the people in my life. That all changed when I began to let myself be the freaky self I had always fought to be. When I finally let go of my fears I was able to embrace myself. Although she was a platinum blonde I was also a major fan of Annie Lenox, she was more than everything I wanted to be. After my Vamp years I donned the short crew cut and spiky hair of Annie, my hair remained mostly short like that for a decade or so. I have long hair now and love it now that I am past the awkward stage. I have stopped dying my hair and have turned to rinses, my hair loves me for that. I no longer perm my hair and I have toned down my make up to earthy tones. One thing that has not changed is that I am still the outrageous and intense Ally. I still don't give a Fuck what people think and have realized after so many years of torturing myself that if people can't see the me I see, then they have no business knowing me. This pic was taken 3 weeks after I had my second son. I was a hot Mama! Maybe I should have more babies... NOT! Loved the cut. I also had a foot long tail growing down the back whice I curled into a ringlet.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Ozzy Concert Rocked My World

I had a fucking awesome time tonight. A week before the concert I began psyche myself up, I went to Value Village and bought a secondhand black leather jacket. I went to Walmart, bought some new jeans and a new black bra to go with one of my black tanks.

I bought a blue/black color rinse for my hair and planned to get decked out Ozzy style. I used the rinse on Wed night, but it only darkened my red hair and made it look bland, so I took out one of my burgundy rinses I keep on hand and redyed it. Worked better anyway, I've been a red head for so long it just sticks onto my hair easily and it goes great with my eyes. I got ready 3 hours before we left for the concert and paced my house for hours and nearly drove Bob insane.

My youngest son Richard came over for a preconcert dinner and we picked up my oldest son Max on the way. After finding parking an outrageous $20.00 and we walked 2 blocks to GM Place, and we were inside in moments and found our seats. I was so excited. The opening band sucked. A female punk rocker who couldn't scream worth a shit and I was relieved when she was done. Then Rob Zombie came on and he put on an amazing show, I loved his theatrics and they were all over the place with tons of action, flames and great music. My new camera was screwed up and the shutter won't open so I had to take my old digital, yuck, most of the photos didn't work and I was pretty disappointed I only got a few good shots, big difference going from a 7.0 with amazing zoom capabilities down to a 2.0 with little zoom. Ah well I had a great time anyways. Finally Ozzy came on and I lost it, literal, I can not speak now, I've killed my throat from my screaming and all I can now speak with is a scratchy rasp, I am sure it will be silence tomorrow.

I am happy I can say I got to see an Ozzy concert at least once in my lifetime, my favorite song "Crazy Train" has been an icon and theme song for my life of bipolar insanity. I have so much respect for Ozzy, he is bipolar too and although he still struggles I think it is so cool he survived his illness, his success and his fame.

I even cried when he sang "Here For You" just before the encore. It's sad to think he doesn't have many performing years left, although he seems so timeless, as an empath all I felt from him was exhaustion. His performance was great, but definitely not the Ozzy of years gone bye, when he had his manic energy, youth and vigor. He was a bit off key and struggled to keep up and I felt overwhelmed at his frustration. There were alot of people in the stadium and I could be very wrong with the feelings I was flooded with, but I rarely am. Those of you who have a chance to see him, go, the experience was a definite pinnacle for me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I brought home Psychic Passions from my editor today.

Whew. That part is over. I was terrified when I first brought my book to the editor I hired to have it edited. He is a well respected, retired university professor of British decent. He taught at the University of BC, York University in Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, College of Journalism in London/UK and several Medical Colleges lecturing about practices in Naturopathic Medicine. I am a woman whom did not earn my grade twelve diploma until I was 26, I had slaved all my life to a system and a family, and I am now just discovering who I am and what I am all about.

Why would I feel comfortable handing over something that I toiled over so much? I feel like I had birthed that novel like I had my own children, with hard labour, it's my newest baby. I was terribly awash with fear and anxiety thinking; Will he laugh at my audacity to think I could do something as extensive as this? Would he be horrified at my ghastly use of grammar and punctuation? Would he scoff at the way I pushed the envelope and crossed some invisible boundaries? Would he look at me like the freak that I think I am? Would he want to chop it up after I told him I wanted to keep the unique Canadian flavor in my flow of speech, my slang terms, my Canadiana?

I really judge myself far worse than anyone else ever has in my life.

The answers to the questions... No, no, no, no and no.
He did say that with his British upbringing, education and expertise that it was hard ignoring my distinct Canadian flavour, but he survived it and was rather sucked into my novel right until the end. He handed back my manuscript and we went through it.

He pointed out the minor corrections he'd made, the occasional spelling error my spell checker had missed, a few (there instead of their) faux pas, my over use of commas and the odd capital letter misplacement.

He did not laugh at me. He told me he was impressed with my intelligence and my knowledge of medical terminology.

He admitted I had plenty of punctuation errors, but offered to tutor me and pull me up to speed on some of the fundamental rules I could no longer recall.

He did not think I pushed the envelope too far and that what I wrote was not distasteful. He did say he'd had to stop now and then because of the intense feelings that it had "aroused" in him.

He also did not mention that he thought I was a freak and he even expressed looking forward to working with me again.

Best of all, my story is pretty much intact. There are many, many pages that went untouched and that gives me plenty of confidence.

Patting self on back now. Atta gal Ally, there's no doubt about it, it's ok to be Canadian eh. LOL.

So now that I have my manuscript back, the 500 words per day limit goal that I set for writing my next novel will be on hold temporarily. I am at 22,000 words so far but it will still be there waiting for me. I will be busy for now correcting the changes from my manuscript onto my computer document.

Let the "LAST" edit begin...

PS. Holding up wine glass and toasting to all my friends.
Mmmm, 2006 Grey Monk, Kerner - Late Harvest. An Okanagan Valley white wine, VQA certified. Awww, so incredibly delicious.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Before I go off on my thoughts and ramblings about how much I love the environment, I want to stress first what is important. Never more than now does Reduce, Reuse and Recycle carry more meaning. Please write those companies that you see who over package their goods or just plain boycott them and don’t buy it. Reuse what ever you can, when ever you can. Please recycle. If you think you don’t have the time then give what you don’t recycle to someone who will, the extra money may help them. I give much of my returnables to the homeless by leaving them on top of or beside the garbage cans instead of inside them, or I leave them in a clear bag outside near a trash and in no time they are gone. Sometimes I give them to my neighbours who need the extra cash. The smell at the recycle centre makes me ill, so I’d rather give them away to someone who would be more willing to do it, I give out approx $10 to $15 per month doing this. Turn on lights only when you need them, turn them off when you don’t. Fill a cup with water when you brush your teeth instead of running the tap. By eco friendly cleaning products. Take your unwanted items to charity, keep things out of the landfills for as long as possible. There are many places now that recycle computer parts, TV’s and other appliances. Put a brick in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water you use just to flush and no need to flush every time. I grew up with a septic tank and I understand what it’s like to only flush when there is a number 2 in the bowl, no reason why it can’t be the same when using a sewer system in the city. Do what you can, when you can and you’ve done your part. One person can make a difference and when combined, we as a whole can make an enormous difference.

As a writer I wanted to not only get my story out there in a fun, exciting way, but also in a knowledgeable way, I want my readers to learn something. In my 1st novel I described and built an environmentally friendly home, an eco dwelling. In the second novel I am working on, not only are my characters stranded in the wilds of Northern BC but I will express the need for conservation, what effects the climate change has had on the environment and how to respect what we have left.

I have always had a very deep connection with the earth. I carry her rocks everywhere with me around my neck. I probably have several hundreds of pounds of rocks, crystals and gemstones combined in my home and on my patio. My largest rock is a large chunk of quartz that I made my husband carry down a mountain for me, it’s about the size of two footballs (40 lbs) and it guards my patio door to bounce away negative energy.

I keep the air fresh in my house by keeping many plants and it livens up the atmosphere.
Oct 14th 2007 Kids water park in an undamaged area of Stanley Park.

Against my better judgement and even after being told by those who know me most not to go to Stanley Park, I ventured out today and went anyway. It was a beautiful day today, one of the last sunny ones we may have before we have rain and clouds for the rest of the winter. I had been avoiding going to my favorite park since last December. There was a terrible windstorm that swept in from the Pacific ocean, trees were downed all around the coastal cities, but nowhere was the damage felt more than in Stanley Park.
The trees in this photo are gone.

Stanley Park is a city park in Vancouver. It is 10% larger than Manhattan’s Central Park and is well known as the largest urban park on the North American continent. I loved Stanley Park. She was home to some amazingly old trees. We just lost the oldest one a few days ago in high winds and it was between 800 and 1000 years old.
This is a picture with my husband Bob in the centre and my nephew Billy to the right in 2006. All of the trees behind them are gone now.

This is whats left of them after the damage.

The damage from last winters storm far outweighed what my mind was able to comprehend or imagine. I knew that the fact that I loved the park and that I connected with the park on an empathic level, that it would make me shed some tears for her losses. I was so wrong. My daughter warned me not to go. I didn’t just shed a few tears. I sobbed, I wailed, I keened, I grieved violently. I had waited 9 months, I had hoped most of it would be cleaned up by now. I expected to see some downed trees. What I saw on the western side of the park was absolute devastation. The only way to see the water from the top of Stanley park was to go to Prospect Point or down from the seawall, not now. I had never seen it from the road due to the thick lush green forests that towered all around, but I saw the ocean today, the forest was but sticks and splinters.
West side of Prospect Point and where Dodie and I used to smoke.

My first tear fell when we came around the bend approaching Prospect Point and I looked to the left and I saw the blue sky. The forest that stood there was gone. I had always connected that specific stand of trees as mine and Dodie’s (the daughter who warned me not to go) we had often snuck into the wooded area together to sneak away from the prying eyes of tourists to smoke a dube before we went hiking at the Hollow Tree. We had on one occasion been surrounded by racoons who thought we were there to feed them (I never feed wild animals) and we were all fried and freaked out and went running back to my Jeep. It’s all gone now, the trees, the animals and even the eagles who were roosting there. Not one tree is left standing in the specific patch of trees, it reminded me of the clear cuts I see when I go camping way out in the mountains. Going further around the bend I noticed that the whole slope was devastated. I began to sob then. My husband drove in silence, just shaking his head, even he couldn’t believe what he saw. This was one of the only times we did not park and go walk around the point and look over at the Lions Gate Bridge.
Me and the Hollow Tree Dec 2003 and The Hollow Tree 1891.

We kept going until we reached the Hollow Tree, even she did not escape damage, the top was gone once again. The Hollow Tree is a famous landmark 5.5 metres in diameter and the largest in diameter dead or alive in the whole park and the most photographed spot in the park. The main tree died long ago due to lightning strike, but its off shoots survived to grow and were themselves hundreds of years old. The tops are all gone now.
Bob and my nephew in the Hollow Tree 2006 and A picture from today.

But my main goal was within reach and the reason I braved to enter the park in the first place; my annual mushroom hunt. Yes the kind of mushroom that make you smile, and in my case make me incredibly horny too. I went to the same spot I’ve found them every year since my first year here in the city. I found them my first fall here six years ago and kept their exact whereabouts a family secret. A gift from the Mother, a gift of laughter, smiles and warm fuzzy feelings. I only pick enough for me, an odd treat to get me through the depressive days of winter when my moods crash, it’s the earths most natural antidepressant (ok hallucinogenic too,,, Ooo pretty colours). I eat three little ones now and then, and put on a not so fake smile. I froze what I brought home, enough for 6 small trips to Allyson’s wonderland in the dead of winter. Anyways...

All in all 40% of the trees where effected throughout the park and along the western edge 60% was lost with Prospect Point being the worst hit.
60% of the forests on the right hand side of both these photos are gone now.

I grieve as much for the rest of the earth and what is happening to her. Due to global warming BC is facing it’s worst outbreak of mountain pine beetle. The infestation has been devastation. I first saw the wide spread devastation on my travels to and from Alaska. It’s heart breaking to see so much death. It hasn’t been getting cold enough to kill them off enough to get them under control and the ministries practices of not allowing natural burns to take place, leaving the forests susceptible to disease. Not to mention what is happening on a global scale. I just can’t handle all of it, so I focus on the things closer to home.

I could probably go on for ages about this, but I find it too upsetting and frankly I’d rather spend more time writing about things I enjoy. So I will leave it up to the experts.

In closing I’d like to say that I have been a very fortunate person to have seen some of the most amazing sights, traveled in places few have gone and I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in some of Canada’s most beautiful spaces.
Yup That's Me!

I always respect the places I go. I often bring out more garbage than I take in and I NEVER leave even the smallest scrap of garbage behind. I leave every site either the same way I found it or in better condition. Please respect the places you go to for others to enjoy, get involved in cleaning up your communities and conserve where you can.
The view at the top of Burnaby Mountain 5 minutes from my home.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


OK here it is as promised, another one of our poems sparked by the Burlesque show at Rhizome's.
See previous post. He she's and let me see's.

PAUL wrote...

A Different Planet Body.

A Parody to: The Astronaughtys.

The female astronaughty left her lover,
lounging in a warm bath on Mars to explore a different planet.
She had read reports of such a place when she was but a girl,
and yearned to give it a whirl around the sun.
She had seen pictures of its pink surface,
and was entranced by its beauty,
and wondered if she would be granted,
a panted, patented petted, vetted, sweated entrance,
into the ways of the Planet of the Burlesque is more.
Leaving Mars far behind the times,
she jumped into hyperspace like lightning from Zeus' eyes,
crackling with energy to spend it in all one day.
She popped out of hyperspace,
like a champagne cork in the hands of a courtesan,
hovering over the pink and mauve clouded planet.
She left the mother ship in her shuttle,
to seek out the scuttle butt,
the straight skinny-dipping the cat's meow and pajamas,
on what gives all the way,
under the diaphanous shroud of the planet.
The shuttle landed like a spread eagle, eager for beaver tail,
to flail within an nine inch nail.
The lady astronaughty stepped from the shuttle,
and took off her helmet,
since her sensors told her the air here was refreshing.
It was night on this surface of the planet,
and the natives were restless,
within spitting distance she espied with her brown eye,
a trio of the aliens, engaged in some fertility rites,
two beating a driving wild rhythm on drums between their knees,
looking only at the other as if the drum was the other.
Before within the landscape of throb created by the percussion,
gyrated-x a dancer prancing and swaying,
her hair tied up in pig-tails,
interweaved with multi-colored ribbons,
her body barely clad in a black material which shined,
the dancer's body heaved like clouds being born,
her eyes dark as obsidian, her smile bright as a diamond,
she said to the astronaughty, “hello sexy,”
and in her high heels did a somersault,
away from the astronaughty flashing her split sex,
like a bolt of lightning.
The female astronaughty licked her lips lusciously,
the drumming humming a dinger, the dancer,
who told the astronaughty,
her name translated into your tongue means April Showers,
took her by the hand and they swirled together like cotton candy,
like a flock of starlings,
like a warm breeze through palm trees, spinning like tops off.
“You are new here,
and our planet must know you mean no harm,”
whispered April, like a gentle shower,
into the Astronaughtys ears.
“How do I clear my name?” She asked,
chest heaving like a surf on an Africa shore,
“you must let the whole planet see you share our customs,”
replied the dancer shash-saying.
“How” she asked confused,
letting her lead, the proof of the pudding is in the eating,
and we have a video link to all our world's playstations,
sighed the smiling dancer.
Ally the astronaughty quivered,
as the dancers meaning dawned on her like the sun,
“I yearn to learn,”
her heart racing like a cheetah on the edge of a dark continent.
With a robot camera floating above their heads,
transmitting every close-up image,
to the four corners of the Planet of the Burlesque,
April strip searched the astronaughty,
she left no stone unturned,
she uncovered every hidden a-gender-a,
as the drummers continued the beat themselves up.
When she was naked as a jay bird is long,
the dancer placed Ally on a work-out bench of sorts,
padded comfortably Ally lay on its Y shape,
her legs spread open.
April peeled off her dress like an orange,
letting her globes bounce free and clear,
dear to behold and hold on tight.
Ally could see the scene,
on a user-friendly-giant screen tv in her line of sight.
She held on tight,
for a jump into hyper space of a different kind.
April kneeled before Ally's altar,
altered state the obvious,
and massaged her thighs to the rhythm of the drums.
Ally could see on the tv April's mischievous face,
with a pussy-eating grin to get in hit, get on with it.
On the monitor she saw a close up of her yearning bush,
with April poised to strike like a snake up Ally's ladder,
April's tongue licked out like a fish to water,
attacking the problem head with bell's on.
Ally's cry echoed through the planet's playstation,
this alien was going native.
Her pigtails bobbing like Christmas ornaments,
April licked Ally's pussy like it was a giant stamp,
Ally grabbing the dancer's hair for dear life the fullest,
watched a close up of the tongues path,
on the giant screen tv.
The drums filled her ears,
as April filled her quim with vim to the brim,
with her variable tongue, stage 1, twister, sister-blisters.
April unfolded Ally's pussy as if it were a map,
to better improve her excellent sense of direction,
tracing with her fingers the highways and bi-way to the major city,
pretty in tickle her fancy pink centres of the earth woman.
April homed in on Ally's clit, with a sally, of precision,
guiding sweet-meat-heat-seeking-out-new-worlds missile,
to pucker up its fissile material to split,
don't know her from Adam's apple,
to set off a unchained reaction,
Ally squealing like a NASCAR peeling rubber,
screaming like a dentist's drill.
Ally see-sawed the picture on the tv,
of April kneeling between her naked thighs,
April's ass showing off,
her head pressed into Ally's snatch,
worshiping her like a ship about to sink,
in a monsoon of loony tune poon pooning, out go the lights.
Writhing like going down electric cables,
sweet April's tongue spun a tale of derriere-do-me
on in through, with within, without a doubt about it,
her satin soft face giving face, saving face,
showing Ally's best face foaming at the second mouth,
balling her tiger eyes put eat out.
The waves of pleasure radiating out of her,
like sunbeams on high,
April's tongue,
did a striped down to basics, clit tease out all the threads,
showing, getting off,
spinning arabesques whirli-whirli-gigidy-gig-girly-girly,
Ally screaming her head off.
April Showers lifted her power-fulfilling mouth,
from the astronaughtys pussy smiling,
and said, “I haven't had this much fun,
since captain Kirk blasted off.”

ALLY replied...

Going where no woman has gone before,
April brought her see-shore to see-shore,
a-washing the naughty-astronaughty with waves,
of glee in all she could see at her great divide.
Seeing her tongue slither like a snake,
inside her cave of wonders,
Ally nearly fainted as it played a tune,
and kept up with the beat of the drums.
Singing a song of sixpence, Ally’s voice rang out,
into the purple hues of the night sky,
sucking her clit she slid fingers in agin,
making her ache-quake-quiver and shake.
Ally’s voice was heavier in the thick air,
and she sounded off like a bull horn,
as she came in her rain of terror,
April showers had made her flowers bloom.
Laying dazed, amazed and crazed in her haze,
She felt a hot push in her bush, “Oh” she sighed,
“What wonderful creatures on this small planet,”
“A” sexual? Bisexual? A he-she she did see.
What a delightful surprise under-her-ware,
she rode her like a man never could or would,
feeling her engorged sex fuck-her-like-an-animal,
bucking up to meet each thrust with force.
Watching the screen, filling her katz-eyes till full,
oh what rapturous delight at this night,
such an amazing race dwelled in this place,
to never feel shame but allow the pleasures that be.
For all could see, and were amazed at her surprise,
“such a strange creature to be all woman and not both,
and oh what sounds she makes as pleasure peaks,
we must send for more of these wanton wonders.”
Fucking to the rhythm and pounding of the drums,
they beat fasted, faster, harder, harder, as did the two,
their bodies fit just right and as April came,
she just mewed and purred as she shuddered.
Licking her clean and helping her dress,
the astronaughty back in her suit so taut,
said her praise and thanks with a steamy kiss,
sucking her tongue with a farewell to the.
She arrived at her mother ship dizzy with delight,
set off for Mars to pull her lover from the bath,
to take he and her back down to earth,
for earth is by far the most earthy pleasure.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He/She's and let me see's.

One of my favorite blogs Lust Bites had some fun postings this week and funny enough two separate topics tied in to one experience I had. I decided to do a spin off, I hope no one minds, but I wanted to post some pix of the night in question and I wanted to put them here as I have been picking up too much spyware from photobucket.

Earlier in the week we talked of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Today the topic was about men who dress as women.

Back in April I had the opportunity to perform my standup comedy with a group of men/women doing a burlesque show. It was held at an upbeat gay bar in downtown Vancouver. It was the best time I'd had in years and it will always be fun to look back and remember that night. The men in drag were all so awesome. We did our standup comedy show 1st. Then they did their burlesque show, with the loud music and the buzz in the air we were all dancing with them. OK I was, I had met my friend there and he being in a wheel chair with a large respirator on the back, we were almost on the stage as there was not much room elsewhere and so with me standing by his side the music of course had me bouncing all over. Lastly was a pair of lesbians who played the most hypnotic African drum music. Watching these two gals playing their drums, the way they stared at each other the whole time they played together was very erotic, it was so hot.

That night my friends and I had a blast. Not to mention the ton of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels I was downing like water, then the fact that my other friend Jen had to practically hold me up and drag me off to her place via bus and skytrain. OK she did literally. My hero.

That night sparked a frenzy of writing between my friend and I for the next few days, we were in the habit of writing erotic poetry to each other as a form of correspondence and I will post some of it below, I've also posted other poems of ours in some of my past postings. Here is a taste of my night at Zhizome's.

ALLY wrote...
She snuck up from behind,
breathing soft in his ear so dear,
lick with a flick of her tongue,
along the vein of his neck, threatening to devour him.
Straddling and rocking to the beat,
of the primal African drumming humming,
her dark amber eyes aglow with the flow,
plunging his soul with lustful looks.
Taking his face in her hands gripping,
she sucks and plucks a bottom lip,
then a top lip, to sip and whip with a flip,
of her tongue before she drowns him with it.
Slipping her hot wet prod while he nod back,
she devours his mouth, sweet, treat, with heat,
searing his body with a kiss from the miss,
to make him want her wanton, wanting me.

The beat bangs at their ears,
while they bang on with cheers all around them,
the cat on him claws and yehaws,
as she rides the cuntrymusic like a bull horn.
Giving him a teat so sweet,
“Suck it my baby, suck, your in luck, I like to fuck!”
“While you have a mouthful, don’t speakeasy,
just please-me, please-me, squeeze-me.”

The drums get loud , thunder in the crowd,
they boom through the gloom of haze,
and come to a peak as they squeak,
together as one, they are done.
The crowd applauds.


PAUL wrote...

She did the splits for his gymnastics to take a spin on,
the light fantastic, licking slick to the quick, flicking,
tricking with treating, when eating the meting out,
of just, lust, desserts, asserting,
flirting, flounting, floating, on a flow,
of wow, now, do it now and how,
bring me low to sing me high C's, climbing to the trees.

Limbs akimbo doing the conga line and mambo,
our heads spinning with winning, twinning of minds meld,
like vulgar Vulvacans in heat, to greet,
the feat first in your class of titans, clashing,
crashing, thrashing, stashing, tongue lashing,
eyelashes fluttering like doves,
as I give your buns a buttering, as I shove from above,
stashing my shaft in your treasure chest cresting the breasts,
waving hello sailor as I tailor each lunge,
to your slick slave to your needs to be naughty women poem.

Pour in my cement, mix it up with the lynx minx
on the brink of blinking,
out the doubts with shouts from the roof top of her mouth,
a shaking in her south land of milk and honey,
waving her tits like flags of surrender,
as he throws her into the blender,
she exclaims his name of fame,
“Oh Jack! Oh Jack Daniels you came, you saw, you conquered.”
They dissolve in a cloud of laughter resolved.

ALLY replied...

Jimmy Beam.
Another night of romping through the raindrops of lick-her,
she espied Jim Beam as she fancied, prancied in the door,
with want of four on the floor, him in her door,
and a night of dining and whining.
Jim said “hey girl hows it hangin” as she grabs him by the balls,
and says “low n slow baby.”

Taking him to the back room with a booth,
with a tooth she pulled his zipper down,
and ripped his mean jeans off to see what he offered in his coffer.
“Twill do” she exclaimed as she pulled her dress above her head,
to show her wares with no under-wares.
Pushing him to sit in the seat while she was in heat of the night,
impassioned for his palate,
she climbed up on the table and spread the fine meal before him,
to dine out while she shout dirty everything’s at him.
Jimmy explored her back roads and inner cities,
while feeling up titties,
splashing through the puddles she was making,
running a muck, so perchance he could fuck.
She slithered on the table like an eel being eaten by the tail.
The screaming dinner bell rang out,
as she clanged her triangles tune,
wanting more but knowing she craved four on the floor,
with Jimmy’s beam driving his four by four.

Turning the table he pulled her and flipped her like a flapjack,
bending her over, and rammed her in her gear,
with his stick shift in all wheel squeal,
and laid into her with great thrust.
As she lay top half on the table,
spread eagle with her beagle bared,
he took hold of her hip and shoulder,
gripping her like tarmac, ramming her, grinding her gears.
“Fuck me like an animal Jimmy Beamer,
I wanna feel you from the inside,
this crazy bitch can’t get enough of you.” she sneered.
He drove her home and onward to the finish line,
wreaking havoc on her behind,
slamming it into gear, threatening to drop her transmission.
“Life in the fast lane feels so fine”,
they both chimed as they got off, at the next stop.

Tomorrow I will post another fairly long poem. I am still shocked we wrote it, it is so raw and unlike anything I've written. It has our burlesque he/she friend April Showers in it and plenty of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on every one's mind.
In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.

Hey peeps. Get involved and show how you can do your part. Together we can all make a difference. What many people don't realized, is that just "you" can make a difference too. No action is too small as long as you act.

So come back on October 15th and see what I have to say. Comment on this blog and I will come see what you have to say too.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I have plenty to give thanks for.

Well it is that time of the year again.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends.

I am so lucky when thanksgiving comes, because it gives me the opportunity to be thankful for all I have.

My son Richard was born on Thanksgiving day 18 years ago. I am thankful for him, for his health and for the fact that we both survived the teen years. Oh shit wait, he has two more to go. Ah heck, he lives on his own, has had a full time gruelling job for over a year and is happy in his life. I am proud and happy for him.

I am also thankful for my other children.
Max my rockin oldest son at 21, he is the one screaming into the mic on the right hand side. He is working on an internship at a local music studio where he is learning to be a music producer, following his dreams and working a real full time job on top of that as a forklift operator. I am thankful for his health and happiness, and for the fact he can follow his dreams.

My step-daughters Christine and Doris 30 and 25. I am thankful that I can consider them mine with all my heart, that they are all healthy and happy in their lives. They are wonderful Moms and I feel so blessed with the 3 grandsons and my granddaughter that my 2 daughters have blessed our family with. I am thankful all of the babies are healthy and that they love their Granny. I am thankful there is another one on the way. Giddy with happiness here.

I am thankful to be loved.

I am thankful I am not as ill as I have been in the past and I am relatively happy with my life right now.

I am thankful for all the Mother gives to me on her bountiful earth, the food I eat, the beauty I have had the opportunity to be awed by and her fauna she has allowed me to see and experience.

I am thankful that I have been blessed with being empathic and have the ability to love anyone unconditionally, I can help those who need me and that I can have this sacred connection to all life.

I am thankful for my sexual appetite. Or my poor toys would be so lonely and I would never have had the desire to write what I write nor have the chance to change the path of my life so late in life.

I am thankful for all those I consider friends, especially my Internet friends. You have all given me strength, encouragement, have been there when I felt alone and have mentored me. You are all an inspiration to me.