Thursday, July 17, 2008

Psychic Passions by Ally Robertson Coming August 7th 2008

In a few weeks my novel Psychic Passions is due to be released.

At this moment it will only be released in eBook format unless I am able to finish up my publisher page at Lulu on time. Most of Eternal Press books will soon be available in print. How exciting is that! I look forward to the leap in sales it will generate and will finally help to get EP recognized as a legitimate publisher, not a vanity press. My staff consists of a Senior Editor, a Senior Acquisitions Editor, a Marketing Manager, an Administrative Editor, a Personal Assistant, 8 Editors, 3 Copyeditors and 2 Cover Artists. I don't know of any vanity press that has so many qualified people working for them. We also have nearly 60 published authors. I am very lucky to have such an amazing team working for EP. Please pop by my website and see the variety of quality books Eternal Press has to offer. ETERNAL PRESS

Below you will find the summary and an excerpt for my book Psychic Passions.


96,000 words
$5.95 Canadian
5 Flames

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Psychic Passions is filled with empathic psychic passion, plenty of hot, steamy sex, desire and fire, suspenseful psychological trauma, triumph over tragedy, mental illness, death and rebirth, concluding with a thrilling cliff-hanging victory over deception, blackmail and evil.

Caprice Hutchins and Cassidy Cornwall are both empaths and artists, both struggling to survive with their own distinct mental illnesses. Together they will fight for their very lives and their sanity to find and keep each others souls. They must learn to accept each other and triumph over their inner demons. They will be reborn through death, through time, to achieve a deep psychic connection, filled with desire, passion, obsession and unconditional love.

The Cornwall family, together as a unit are committed and strong. They thrive with unyielding love and acceptance, their devotion binds them. They will fight to the bitter end to protect those they love from harms way.


As for that bitch Caprice, he thought. Who the fuck does she think she is? Comes here, spends some time with the family and she’s given a prize horse like Cherry’s Blossom, just to give her some stupid pussy name. What are they doing? Buying her affection for Cassidy. He’s nothing but a spoiled, self righteous, nut case, bastard. Larkin fumed with anger and resentment.

He’d stayed out of sight behind the half closed door, and watched and heard everything they’d said and done, through the crack in the door hinge. He’d heard all the passionate sounds, Cassidy had elicited from Caprice. Sounds he’d like to make come from her himself, but with more fury, pain, desperation. Oh how I’d love to torture you and make you scream, he thought.


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Edited by Pam Slade
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First Edition * August 2008
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