Friday, June 29, 2007


Cassidy came up beside her and said ‘I hate it when she picks on you like that, are you going to be ok?’

Caprice turned to face him crying, ‘Why do you want to know, you don’t really give a shit.’

‘Ya I do. Why would you say that?’ he said. Taken aback by her unexpectedly lashing out at him he felt a sudden pang of hurt. Cassidy was having a hard enough time lately and had been thinking about her a lot. Feeling hurt by her words made him realize just how much he had come to admire her, desire to be near her.

She questioned him mockingly ‘Oh ya, well if you cared so much you would have been caring enough to return my calls and emails, instead of ignoring me and making me feel so disregarded? Did you not think your silence might hurt me in someway, and why the fuck did you even bother to send me that email and then not have enough respect to even read my response?’ Caprice could see the hurt from her hostile feelings cross over his face, she really didn’t want to project all that hostility back at him, but it was too late. She thought, Fuck I hate being bipolar. When will I ever learn to just shut up and let shit pass.

Although he never really wanted to express the truth for his unanswered phone messages and emails, he roughly took her by the hand, ignoring the unapproving glares of the other two artists, pulled her out the door, and out the exit as he said ‘I gotta talk to you privately about this.’ while almost dragging her to the park across the street.

Her hand was burning, so aware of his touch she wanted to cry out. He led her to a far shaded corner of the park out of ear shot from strangers. He swung her around to sit her on a bench, facing her standing, he leaned over her less than a foot from her face. His hands were placed on each side of the bench as if to not let her escape and had perched a leg up on the bench beside her.

Caprice felt trapped, her heart was pounding and mind racing, ranting. Is he going to tell me off? Maybe now I can forget him if he hurts my feelings. Please say what I want to hear, please say what I don’t want to hear. Oh my gawd I’m going to pass out before he speaks.

She searched his face, holding her breath. Those eyes, those old familiar eyes of long ago reached down into her soul and grasped at her. She was on the precipice ready to fall. He seemed a bit angry as he spoke, but her mind was reeling at his words, she thought, this cant be true.

Staring her down he said ‘I do care Caprice, in fact I care very much. So much I guess that I just couldn’t allow myself to encourage your friendship and advances. I felt them, I know you want me, I can feel your need and desire for me. Lately I’ve been wanting you too, fuck, I’ve wanted to reach out for you, hold you, but I know myself, and I’ve come to know you enough to understand that if you were to have me, it would result in me emotionally ripping you to pieces. I am wild, untamed, I have a coke habit, I have schizophrenia and I would end up taking you and your sensitive heart, shred it to pieces and eventually break you!’

As Cassidy said these words Caprice began to sob, she was trembling. Then with startling force she grabbed the front of his shirt, stared up at him and said in a choked voice with her tears freely flowing ‘Can’t you see I’m already broken?’

His face went almost pale watching her face scrunch up in such a painful grimace and she could see the conflict behind his mask. His masculine face scrunched at his brows fighting to keep his composure. He searched her eyes to find the truth, trying to see what it was that Caprice was seeing behind her eyes, deep in her mind. ‘Yes I can see that now. FUCK this is killing me!’ he gulped as he slammed his fist down on the seat of the bench beside her.

Suddenly he kissed her. Oh how he kissed her. She consumed his kisses with such hunger and need, her body tensed and her back arched as lightning bolts ran down her throat, through her stomach and into her groin overpowering her clit and vagina, the sudden rush of blood flowing so quickly that she experienced a mind orgasm, it was fast, pulsating, extremely brief, but an orgasm, made with the pure fury and passion of a single thought.

He felt her body tense and shutter and he stared at her, mystified that she could feel such desire and achieve such release with just his kiss. His lips dove on hers again, fierce, wanting to fuck her brains out right there, kissing her again and again with more and more passion, their tongues dance in their mouths, neither of them skipping a beat.

Their breathing became harsh gasps as they strained from their need, his one hand buried beneath her long soft hair, the other pulling down her bottom lip to allow deeper entry into her hungry mouth. She grasped at the base of his head, sucking his tongue deeper into her, her other hand was still clamped around his shirt holding herself closer to him.

Temporarily losing their minds in the heat of the moment, forgetting where they were, both of them mewing and moaning with their growing passion. Her nipples tightened into hard points and he groaned from his intense erection. Their nostrils flaring in and out as they breathed in and out like two horses going for the finish line. Heads swimming in their furious slaking.

Cassidy couldn’t take it any more and shaking, he slid a restless hand under her skirt expertly moving her panties aside as he plunged a few fingers deeply into her slick drenched pussy. Caprice nearly screamed but his mouth was so hard upon hers, crushing her that she only managed a muffled moan. With laboured breath, moving in time with his fingers while they probed deeper within her cunt he stroked her clit with his thumb making her squirm as she clawed at the button of his jeans, not caring who saw them, she wanted him, right there, right now.

Then suddenly Odessa angrily interrupted them, ‘What the fuck is up with this shit.’ she yelled as she approached from behind Cassidy. Caprice was disoriented, shaken at the sudden departure and was left almost breathless, her mind reeling and head spinning. Cassidy spun around guiltily, like he’d been caught doing something sinful. Had he? He thought. Hiding his wet fingers behind him and placing them in his back pocket to clean off any evidence he stood straight and met Odessa’s glare with shame written all over his flushed face.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first blog "Oh My Gog!"

I'm putting this here as a sample of the erotic poetry in the book that an anonomous friend (Paul) and I have collaborated on. I've finished the final edit, but as poetry can be hard to publish I think I may wait till my erotic romance novel is completed and published before I continue to break into the poetry market.
I decided to actually remove the following poems from our book as I did not want to step on anyone elses toes by publishing it. Our book is a collection of poems that either he or I would write the first rendition and then the other would compliment it by completing it. It was great fun creating them all. We decided to write this piece when a telephone conversation betrayed my passion for the TV show Grey's Anatomy. Enjoy!
"Paul" wrote.

Getting A Second Opinion.

She needed a specialist deeply, madly,
truly good to go all the way to Tipperary of the hat,
for what ails Ally.

Her curse worth the disease of men,
who never please other them themselves,
elves with dwarf cocks, mocking her silk stockings,
putting her out in the stocks for shock,
and aw shucks, fuck therapy.

She made an appointment, for ointment for her ornament,
or treatment for her,
lick-trickery tock the mouth ran up the cock cleaning clock,
she sat on the examination table of elements,
of surprise birthday present and accounted,
for square meals a day.

In came Dr. McSteamy to open her clam baking like a kiln,
inquiring minds want to know,
"What seems to be the problem Ms. R?"

Eyes fluttering like the butterflies in her tummy sighing,
she replied playing-doctor-fully,
"I think I'm suffering from a bad case of nymphomania."

"That's terrible, I feel for you," he answered,
"What makes you think you're a nympho?"

"Well Dr. McSteamy for starters I've only just met you,
but I want to suck your cock. What's up doc?"

"I'm going to exam you head to camel-toe,
thoroughly inside and outside,
and backside, out of your dirty mind on your blind G spot on."
Ms. R unbottoned her blouse squirming,
her beating bottom silver dollar, slowly revealing her breasts,
then she let the blouse fall from her shoulders,
like the scales from a Christian's eyes.

Her hard nipples begging for attention,
the zipper of her pants dropped like a stone,
and she wriggled out of them like a piece of,
Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum from its package.

She lay on the table for Dr. Mcsteamy,
to get to the root of the problem,
first testing, teasing, tasting her reflexes,
he twirled her nipples betwixt thumb and index,
dialing her knobs to get the right station in life,
he gave her a thorough breasts exam,
topping them off with deep suction.

His hands all over her like an army of horny peeping tomcat ants,
playing tic-tac-toe on her quivering belly with his tongue,
lower, he opened her up blooming rose, dewy in the morning.

She bit her lip as he parted her rosy lips,
to tip his tongue's hat trick on her slick,
starwberry shortcake, aching for baking,
making all get out of go to town down under the thunder.

She grabbed his head on,
held him closer then a G string her along ,
when he hit her right on the G spot,
grinding her pussy in his face like a watermill.

The good doctor didn't need to ask for directions,
to get down and around Ms. R's astounding downtown,
his fingers and tongue by turns hard as rock, soft as velvet,
unfolding her folds like origami, orgistic, organic orgasms.

Finished licking her lips, he raise his head licking his lips,
blood shot eyes, wet behind the ears, smiled and said,
"I'm going to page Dr. McDreamy we need a second opinion."

As quick as greased lightning Dr. McDreamy entered the room,
to see Ms. R spread out on the table,
ready willing and able, like an all-you-can eat buffet.

Reaching for his zipper Dr. McDreamy groaned,
"Now say ahhhhh!"
"Ally" replied.

She ahhed and oooed at what she sawed,
He pulled out the stirrups and placed her afoot,
Spreading her legs, she said "there is a Gawd,"
the hard thing betwixed his legs felt so gewt.
As McSteamy was stymied at her hot kiss,
McDreamy was drugged with her hot wet spot,
Ms. R was in sweet miz-R-E, and stretched in bliss,
excited at the idea of having both and being caught.
"I still wanna suck your cock Mc.Steamy what do you say?"
He raised an eyebrow, stood-on-a-stool, and served her pronto,
While Mc.Dreamy was still thrusting, pumping away,
both amused, they were both her side kick, like ‘Tonto.’
They both came at the same time in one shot,
She was filled with creamy Mc.Dreamy, Mc.Steamy,
both spilling them selves over, but each in a separate pot,
while high pitch noises squeaked out of her so screamy.
"We both concur that all here seems just fine,"
"Whom ever said you were a Nympho was dumb"
"Your body was responsive to our tasting of your wine"
"your body was a very healthy receptacle for both our cum"
"You are cured...please cum again!!!"
"Oh please may I?"