Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Few Shorts

The Rendevous

The bright moon low on the horizon, perfectly casting light and shadow, showing the sinuous lines and bulk of the man she craved.

A rendevous on a hot night under the oak had made her quiver all day in anticipation.

From behind him, she slithered her hands up his taut back, down and around to his chest, to pinch and play with his nipples, feeling them harden.

His neck and arms stimulated, becomes goose flesh, hairs rise, as she runs her tongue up him to taste his sweat, smell his musky odor.

A full moon fuck, what a delight.

A Feast

She’s hot, fingers playing her fiddle. A knock at the door steals her heat, lowering her skirt she yells "come in".

A neighbour never desired before, but now she’s horny and hoping he can smell her lust.

He ask’s "Can I borrow some sugar."

"Not until you have a taste of my sugar." she cooed as she settled back lazily in the soft arm chair. She raised her skirt, parted her legs slinging one over the arm rest to show him a wet treat.

He dropped his sugar bowl and hungrily fell to his knees. He eagerly feasted.


I put my feet upon his lap, the movie sux. He massages my foot. "That feels good. Ow careful with my toe."

"Is this better?" Wrapping his mouth over my big toe sucking it, licking it moving slowly from toe to toe.

I’ve never felt a jolt of pleasure snake up my legs so swiftly, make my clit throbbing and instantaneously flooding my cunt with hot juices.

"That’s fucking amazing! Suck my pussy like that. Please?" Pulling up her skirt raising a leg to show her naked cunt for the taking.

Instead he drove his cock into her fiercely.

Response to a Smutty Poem

Oh we’re a devilish delight tonight,
such fuck me not so gently words you’ve spewed,
made me oo’d , ah’d,
I applaud you.

I am so wet,
could almost sweat, if it wasn't for the chill in my air.

An hour before, I had fun with my joy-toy,
before your wanton wording and flirting.

Now I wonder should I go take another ride,
slip-slide on my faux boy-toy.

Breathing has left me out of breath,
you steal it from my lungs,
writing of your guns and black hat,
eating me till I scream, dream,
and how I am so fucking fuckable.

Written by: Ally Robertson